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    About GHWP

    Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP) is a non-profit organization involving the participation of medical device regulatory authorities and industry representatives across the globe. Its predecessor was the Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) predominated by Asian countries and regions. With the growing number of members and increasing global impact, AHWP had transformed from an Asian organization into an international organization. In 2021, it was renamed as the GHWP, with the aim to promote global medical device regulation toward greater convergence, harmonization and reliance. It has now expanded its membership to 33 countries and regions, from Asia to the North and South Americas as well as Africa. To work in collaboration with related international organizations such as IMDRF, WHO, ISO, and IEC. Through the dialogue and communication between medical device regulatory authorities and the industry, it works towards the continuous promotion of high-quality development in global medical device regulation and industry.

    GHWP gathers representatives from 33 countries and regions such as People's Republic of China, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,United States of America, Hong Kong SAR, China, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Its Chair is Mr. Xu Jinghe (People's Republic of China NMPA), Co-Chair (Regulatory Authority) is Mr. Lupi Trilaksono (MoH of Indonesia), and Co-Chair (Industry) is Ms. EunHee Cho (Republic of Korea). GHWP TC Chair is Mr. Abdullatif S. AlWatban (SFDA), GHWP TC Co-Chair (Regulatory Authority) is Ms. Li Jun (People's Republic of China NMPA), and TC Co-Chair (Industry) is Ms. Miang Tanakasemsub (Thailand).

    For more information about the GHWP, please visit the website:

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      Aug, 21 - Oct, 27

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      Oct, 28 - Nov, 26

    • Date of Meeting

      Nov, 27-30

    • Venue

      Shanghai International Convention Center Grand Ballroom




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